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NWZ v. 29.05.96
'Harmony’ is the first choice for all

Special music concert at the aerodrome

The ‘Hannover Harmony’ made a guest appearance at the Officers’ Mess. The public were charmed.

Upjever. - The aerodrome experienced something special. The artists that make up the quintett ‘Hannover Harmony’, and are exclusive members of the Lower Saxony Opera and Orchestra, made a guest appearance in the foyer of the Officers’ Mess. The leader of ensemble, violinist Michael Godhoff, as well as violinist Johanna von Schenk, cellist Marion Zander, bass player Siegfried Renders and pianist Wolfgang Sieben were all first class. Continuous applause from the public was earned.

A successful guest performance in the Officers’ Mess of the aerodrome in Upjever given by the ensemble ‘Hannover Harmony’ with (from left) Michael Godhoff, Johanna von Schenk, Wolfgang Sieben, Siegfried Renders and Marion Zander.


Jeversches Wochenblatt v. 28.05.96
Experts Present The ‘Light Entertainment’

First Class Music Concert in Upjever

The quintett stood out due to the expressive and virtuoso mastery of their instruments. Even soft sounding pieces in pianissimo made an impression.

Virtuoso passages, for example in de Garo’s "Lustigen Zigeuner" and Lehar’s "Lied und Czardas" came out clear and easy.

Michael Godhoff distinguished himself especially, as well as the brilliant Marion Zander with Leoncavallos’ cello solo "Brise de la mer". In addition the ‘second’ violinist, the bass player and the pianist came to the fore.

The quintett proved that court music could be so beautiful when performed with humor and a wink of the eye. The public willingly was charmed and the applause was lively. As encore, the ensemble offered the piece "Komm mit mir ins Chambre séparée" (Come With Me In The Separate Room).

WZ v. 28.05.96
Upjever: Violinist Makes The Ladies’ Hearts Beat Faster.

Court Music by Hannover Harmony

It was interpretation of ‘Light Music’ in such a way that only experts could achieve. The violinist, whose part was naturally the most sweeping, was helped by the wonderful complicity of his partners. The cello solo from "Brise de la mer" was breathtaking. It was an evening that has made an everlasting impression.


Der Marktspiegel, May 04, 1997

...Michael Godhoff and his renowned group "Hannoer Harmony" were responsable for the excellent musical entertaining of the car dealer's matinee.


HAZ, June 4, 1997

... A tango or a polka are no church music, but they were just right to help the renovation of the St. Niklaus church. Many people went to the matinée of the music ensemble "Hannover Harmony" conducted by Michael Godhoff. ... The musicians were partly responsable of the success: with great romantic pieces, the guests found easier to separate from their money.


Cellesche Zeitung, May 12, 1997

... The participation of "Hannover Harmony" with Michael Godhoff (violin), Marion Zander (cello) and Michael Römer (piano) added to the quality of the fiest.


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