What we can offer you ?

Can one enjoy classical music outside the theatre, opera or church, as a sophisticated and superior form of entertainment? Why Not?

Treat yourself and your guests to the fascination of entertaining music performed live for you, without playback tracks or other tricks, with good taste and style by experimented and mature musicians.

Make your occasion - be it of a private or business nature - a social experience worth remembering.

Depending on the nature and scope of the event, you can choose from a duett formation to an extensive orchestral cast and hear interpretations of different style directions with variable instrumentation. For Lovers of songs we can arrange the desired repertoire, for example duetts or an opera performance in concert form.

We will happily discuss with you a choice of ensembles and we will do our best to fulfill individual music wishes. We also arrange special programmes, for example concert performances of musicals, operettas and operas, or place a combination of ensembles together for a longer programme. Whatever your choices, the final result is one of high artistic value which will pleasantly underline your celebration.

Naturally, we take the instrumental and acoustical conditions in consideration, in order to guarantee a perfect musical experience.

When shall we provide the accompaniment for your opening, ceremony, birthday or anniversary, your classical music evening, stylish dance party or similar celebration?

You may wish for baroque or classical concerts or an impressive aria evening?

Or would you prefer to enjoy viennese café music or create idyllic club atmosphere with appropriate music?


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